Switchboard Upgrades Sydney

Switchboard Upgrades Sydney

The Ideal Electrician for Switchboard Upgrades in Sydney

Our electricians at Lynton Electrical are ready to work with you if you need switchboard upgrades in Sydney. Established in 2017, Lynton Electrical provides quality electrical and solar services in Sydney. The owners, Jeff and Michael, have over 30 years of experience. The duo is fully qualified and CEC accredited, meaning they can handle any electrical job. We settle on nothing less than expert workmanship and prioritise your family’s safety.

Jeff and Michael started the business after seeing poor services from other electricians. The two decided to utilise their expertise to provide families with safe and compliant electrical work to improve efficiency and reduce long-term costs. Our services do not end after finishing your job since we clean up after ourselves. Our team is easy to work with, and we pride ourselves on our upfront and transparent quoting and communication.

Everything About Our Switchboard Upgrades in Sydney

Consider calling our electrician if you have old porcelain fuses or unprotected circuits on your switchboard. Such electrical wiring is unsafe and non-compliant with Australian standards. Our electricians offer unmatched switchboard upgrades in Sydney. Modern switchboards have safety switches to protect your electrical systems and appliances from excess current. A safety switch will save you and your devices if a fault or power surge occurs.

Your switchboard distributes power to various power points on your property. Safety switches monitor the currents running through the circuit and will engage if they detect a difference in power flow. This protects you from electrocution since it will cut-off power when you come into contact with the electrical system. Upgrading your switchboard will also save you from electric fires. An old switchboard is a fire hazard since it cannot support modern electrical systems and appliances. The switchboard can overheat if the circuit has a loose connection, overload or excessive duct.

Switchboard Upgrades Sydney
Switchboard Upgrades Sydney

Let the Experts Deal with Your Switchboard Upgrades in Sydney

While electricity is essential in our daily life, you need safe installations, wiring, and repairs. A switchboard upgrade in your Sydney property is something you cannot ignore. Our friendly team is ready to visit your home to ensure you are safe. A modern switchboard has safety switches and circuit breakers (RCBOs) to protect the circuit from shorts, overloads, and electric shocks. RCBOs are installed on each circuit so that any problem can be confined to one circuit. This means a power fault will not damage all the connected circuits or cut power to the entire building.

We encourage our clients to ask as many questions as possible. Some of the frequently asked questions include;

  • How Long Does it Take to Upgrade a Switchboard?

The length of time depends on the switchboard since they vary from property to property. The time also depends on whether the property is commercial or residential. However, the process takes around four hours.

Please talk to one of our electricians today to discuss your switchboard upgrades in Sydney.

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Professional Service

At Lynton Electrical, our service doesn’t just stop when we finish work on your job. We believe a full clean-up is part of a professional electrical service.

You can expect our team to be on time, all the time. We complete all jobs with as much efficiency as possible without compromising quality.

Our friendly team is easy to work with and we pride ourselves on our upfront and transparent quoting and communication.