Choose Local Electrical Services

Whether you are in dire need of an electrician in St Ives or you just want to focus on electrical maintenance for your home to keep things ship-shape, we understand your concerns. At Lynton Electrical, we only employ the most trusted and experienced professionals so that you get the best results.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience, and we know how to handle a variety of issues. If you need an electrician near me, you probably already know the benefits of choosing local.

What to Look For / Why Choose Us

Clearly, choosing someone local is the best, but most people aren’t sure how to go about selecting someone. We make it easy to understand what options to consider and why we outrank other companies.

When choosing electrical services in St Ives, you must be careful that you choose someone who:


  • Is licensed and insured
  • Has years of experience handling all types of electrical services
  • Can produce the right paperwork
  • Doesn’t overcharge
  • Has emergency services available

Electrical contractors who meet those needs may not be in your local community, such as in your city or nearby. They may have to travel for hours to reach you, which means you’re waiting longer periods. We are local and only serve the community around us; we don’t go searching for other locations to travel more extensively because we care about the community that houses us.

We have an excellent reputation here because people know us. They call on us when there’s an issue or to keep their electrical systems maintained. Then, they tell others about us because they were so satisfied with our abilities. It is a win-win for everyone because you can tell your friends and help them get quality electricians and we get more business in the local area to prevent us from seeking clients elsewhere.